Police cordoned off the A31 motorway in the direction of Luxembourg in order to carry out checks on travel certificates during this exceptional period of confinement.

The operation lasted from 3pm to 6pm this afternoon and caused major traffic disruptions on the A31 motorway. Organised by the border police, the operation also mobilised the Gendarmerie, the CRS corps, as well as Laurent Touvet, the prefect of the Moselle region.

Initially, the operation concerned both directions of traffic, but the police soon concentrated on vehicles travelling to Luxembourg. Motorists were asked to momentarily leave the A31 at exit 44 in the direction of Kanfen.

At the roundabout, drivers had to provide proof of employment or a valid reason for travelling across the border. Filling up a tank of petrol or buying cigarettes in Luxembourg was not considered a basic necessity.

1,500 vehicles and 2,123 people were checked. 64 people were fined 135 euros for failing to present a valid travel certificate.