Find all of the day's most important coronavirus news in our evening roundup.

Starting with Luxembourg:

  • The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that 110 new cases of coronavirus were discovered yesterday.

  • On Wednesday, the state council decided that the mandatory quarantine period for people infected with Covid-19 will be reduced to 10 days, as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

  • Minister of Education Claude Meisch expressed confidence that the work his Ministry had done over the summer holidays would pay off, and that the school year would proceed normally and safely.

  • The Cloche d'Or shopping centre is suffering as a consequence of the pandemic.

Around the world: 

  • Coronavirus infections in India soared past five million on Wednesday, as the EU's chief warned against "vaccine nationalism" in the frantic global race to battle the disease.

  • US President Donald Trump has hinted a Covid-19 vaccine may be ready before the November election, but will it be safe and effective?

  • A crowd of more than 2,000 frustrated Jewish pilgrims built up on the closed Ukraine-Belarus border on Wednesday, as Ukrainian authorities accused their Belarusian counterparts of giving the pilgrims false hope of entering despite strict coronavirus travel restrictions.

  • EU chief Ursula von der Leyen vowed Wednesday that Europe would lead the global search for a coronavirus vaccine while rebuilding its shattered economy with a green recovery plan.