Today's most important COVID-19 news in one place.

Starting with Luxembourg

  • The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that 53 new cases of coronavirus were recorded yesterday. The death toll remains at 118.

  • Georges Mischo, the mayor of Esch-sur-Alzette, defended his city in the light of a recent rise in coronavirus infections.

  • The Minister of Education has more targeted measures in mind as the coronavirus situation evolves ahead of schools reopening in September.

  • The testing centre in Grevenmacher is set to reopen over the next few weeks.

  • Police patrols have regularly checked popular gathering places including restaurants, cafés and bars over the last week to ensure the businesses are observing curfews and hygiene measures.

And around the world

  • The coronavirus pandemic is worsening the humanitarian situation in the world's deadliest conflicts and threatens to unleash economic devastation that will intensify violence, United Nations diplomats and experts warn.

  • Millions of people in the Philippines were ordered to stay home Tuesday as global coronavirus infections kept soaring, with the World Health Organization warning against relying on a vaccine "silver bullet" to end the pandemic.

  • France could "change course at any moment" to a runaway spread of coronavirus, the government's COVID-19 scientific council warned Tuesday as official data showed the first rise in intensive care patients since April.

  • According to reports in the German paper, Trierischer Volksfreund, there was a curious coronavirus incident on a regional train at Trier Central Station over the weekend.