Restrictions are being eased in most European countries but health officials stress that the pandemic is not over yet. As always, find below a summary of today's key virus developments.

In Luxembourg

In international news

  • Scores of people lined up outside liquor stores in South Africa's township of Soweto on Monday, waiting to buy drinks for the first time in nine weeks after a ban on alcohol sales was lifted.

  • Europe took bolder steps in easing coronavirus lockdowns Monday, with some pubs, tourist sites, pools and schools reopening despite fears of a second wave of infections, while in Latin America new cases piled up past the one million mark.

  • A claim by a leading Italian doctor that the new coronavirus "no longer exists" in the country sparked a furore Monday, with the government urging caution.

  • A nephew of Belgium's King Philippe contracted the virus after attending a party with 26 other guests during lockdown in Spain.

  • Moscow residents ventured out to exercise, stroll and shop on Monday as the city eased a strict nine-week lockdown, but millions remained largely confined to their homes as Russia recorded thousands more coronavirus cases.

  • The multinational team on the biggest Arctic research mission ever undertaken were prepared for problems from polar bear attacks to major snowstorms or even issues with building a runway on ice. But never did they imagine that a pandemic might sweep across the world, posing a threat to their mission.

  • Britain partially reopened schools on Monday and allowed the most vulnerable to venture outdoors despite warnings that the world's second worst-hit country is moving too quickly out of its coronavirus lockdown.