A head teacher at the Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull said he was sorry if young pupils were confronted with explicit material when they undertook web searches to complete an unusual assignment.

The assignment was reportedly given to pupils aged 11 to 14 and asked them to define topics such as "hardcore pornography," soft pornography, and female mutilation.

The principal of the school stressed that the homework did not require additional web searches as the pupils were sent material containing the answers. The work was part of the school's Personal, Social, and Health Education classes.

Leon Dagon took to Facebook to voice criticism after his 13-year-old sister was sent the assignment. He said: "My little sister knows make-up and TikTok at the age of 13. She doesn't know about hardcore porn, and then asking her to define it. "The majority of children nowadays will now go on the internet to help them with their homework and if you type that kind of thing on the internet, God knows what's going to pop up."

The school stressed that the homework was in line with government guidance. A spokesperson of the Ministry of Education said it was a matter for the school and declined to comment further on the incident.