UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of failing to grasp his own Brexit deal after he told businesses in Northern Ireland that they would not need to complete customs forms when exporting goods to the rest of the UK.

Johnson's claims contradict statements that the government had previously made. Last month, Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay said that businesses in Northern Ireland would need to fill out "exit summary declarations" when exporting to the rest of the United Kingdom.

In the above video, Johnson stresses that "you will absolutely not" have to fill out such customs forms. He added that, in case a business was asked to complete a similar form, they should call the Prime Minister: "I will direct them to throw that form in the bin.”

“There will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind: you will have unfettered access.”

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Keir Starmer consequently said on Twitter that "this is a prime minister who either doesn’t know the details of the deal he has negotiated or isn’t being straight about it."