An Albanian amputee made a rather disconcerting discovery, when he realised a cigarette packet showing an amputated leg was actually depicting his own leg loss...which was entirely unrelated to smoking.

We're likely all familiar with the warnings on cigarette packets, telling us that smoking kills, causes strokes, and clogs arteries, juxtaposed with images meant to put you off from smoking. However, not all the images used on cigarette packets appear to be directly relevant to the consequences of smoking.

A Metz resident made the rather unpleasant connection when he recognised a photo of his own amputated leg on a cigarette packet, despite the fact that his operation was not caused by a smoking habit. What's more, the man had not given permission for the image to be used.

The Albanian man residing in Metz recognised the photograph of his leg put alongside the message "Smoking clogs your arteries." According to radio station France Bleu Lorraine Nord, the issue is twofold: one, the man did not authorise the use of the photograph portraying his amputated leg. Two, the man had to have his leg amputated after being assaulted in Albania in the 1990s, not because of any side effects relating to a smoking habit.

The radio station explained that the man and his lawyer immediately contacted the Legouest hospital to ask how and why the photo had been shared, as this was where the photo had been taken following an appointment. The man has also contacted the European Commission, as the institution is the one to choose the photographs printed on cigarette packets.