Sixty cats, some of which were in poor condition, were abandoned by their owner in a house in Mettet. Police and firefighters made the discovery after being called out for a potential gas explosion on 11 July.

The cats were described as emaciated and starving, the house filled with excrement.

Police in Mettet, in Namur province, were called to the house on 11 July to deal with a possible gas explosion. Officers on the scene said they could see a gas bottle through the window, but upon entering the property, were overwhelmed with the sheer number of cats inside the house.


The house was thought to have been abandoned for two weeks, after the tenant was forced out following late payments. Upon leaving the house, the tenant sent a letter to the proprietors, announcing her cats had been "gassed", which led to the emergency services intervention. Police said there was no risk as the gas bottle was closed.

The cats were swiftly taken care of by Animal Protection volunteers, with a vet on the scene. They were taken to the APA animal shelter, where they will be available for adoption once they have returned to full health. The cats' original owner has not come forward.

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