The E411 has buckled due to the extreme heat near Courrière in the direction of Luxembourg, causing traffic disruptions.

A road buckling caused serious delays on the E411 towards Luxembourg on Wednesday morning. According to the Belgian federal police, the road buckled near Courrière and is disrupting traffic in both directions.

The left-hand lane towards Luxembourg was initially obstructed and blocked off by Belgian route services. The same applies to the road in the direction of Brussels.

The authorities have recommended a detour towards Luxembourg: motorists should follow the N4 towards Courrière, continue along the N97, and rejoin the E411 at Achêne.

Belgian media sites have reported hours of roadworks as a consequence.

In total, four areas experienced road buckling. Initially, both lanes towards Luxembourg buckled, which led to the closure of the motorway on Tuesday afternoon, although a lane since reopened.

Roadworks on the E411 near Courrière / © RTL Belgique

The operator Sofico estimated that the road will be repaired by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. RTL 5Minutes' contact explained that the authorities have to wait for the asphalt to cool down before repairing the road.

For those hoping to drive to Brussels, a further three road buckles have been confirmed, one of which has been repaired. Only one lane remains open in each direction near Courrière.

Details of the detour put into place. / © Police fédérale belge