Saarbrücken Airport is currently completely empty - the opposite of how one pictures airports, bustling transports hubs, to be.

The airport has remained closed for little over two weeks due to construction works on the runway. The construction works began on 11 March and are due to end on 30 March.

As a result, no flights have departed or landed at the small German airport, although the travel offices in the terminal remained open. As part of the construction works, Saarbrücken Airport will be the first airport in Germany to have an EMAS - Engineered Materials Arresting System.

The purpose of the system is to prevent a plane from overrunning if it happens to land too swiftly. The Saarland airport has a two kilometre long runway alongside an 85 metre run-off area, which means it already fulfils the most important security measures. The EMAS will allow the airport to prepare for future regulations and is also a general benefit in terms of security.

Grousse Schantjen um Fluchhafe Saarbrécken
Op der Landepist gëtt um Fluchhafen am Saarland den EMAS installéiert.

Above video in Luxembourgish.