In an accident on Thursday afternoon, a car with three passengers collided with a Luxembourgish tractor.

On Thursday at 4.40pm, a serious accident occurred in Germany, not far from the Luxembourgish border. A car with three passengers collided with a tractor from Luxembourg on the  B51 between Konz and the exit towards Konz-Karthaus.

The 19-year-old driver failed to noticed in time and to avoid crashing into the back of a vehicle, he swerved into the other lane, where a tractor was approaching.

The 17-year-old in the passenger seat had to be rescued from the vehicle. The driver,  another 17-year-old passenger, and the driver of the tractor all sustained light injuries. All four people were admitted to hospital.

The B51 was closed for a few hours, which led to significant traffic problems. Konz and the surrounding area is home for a large number of Luxembourgish people.