Saturday saw multiple speedboats involved in an accident which took the life of a 54 year old man.

A fatal accident was reported on Saturday during a speedboat race in Traben-Trarbach, Germany.

Shortly after the start one of the boats lifted off the water and landed upside down. The boat just behind the first was unable to swerve fast enough, and ended up driving over the overturned boat.

For the 54 year old man, who was in the first boat, rescue came too late.

All further races that were scheduled to take place Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled.

This is not the first fatal incident resulting from the Traben-Trarbach speedboat race. In 2016 Massimo Rossi, two time world champion, lost control of his boat and flew onto the embankment and hit a tree. The 24 year old died from his injuries.