Two children of 7 and 9 years old were kidnapped Tuesday afternoon in Hombourg-Haut, just east of Metz, leading a search protocol to be immediately be put into effect.

The kidnapping took place in the Chappelle development. The two brothers were playing behind their block of flats when one of them went up to see his mother and told her that there was a man who wanted to give them a PlayStation and four video games before leaving again.

A little while later, the mother realised that her children had disappeared and she alerted the police. The suspect was quickly identified and police forces surrounded the house where he lives with his partner.

The suspect, a 46-year-old man, was found in his car when the police went to get it. The children were freed, transported to the hospital then returned to their family. He is unemployed and he was known to police for his involvement in drug dealing.

The public prosecutor of Sarreguemines, Mr Jaeg, added that the children were found with needle marks on their arms and that they are being analysed as we speak.

“We haven’t fully figured out the timeline”, stresses Mr Jaeg, and there have been no explanations from the suspect as to his motivation.

According to Lorraine media, inhabitants of the development had spontaneously decided to take part in the search but it was a geolocalisation device that finally led to the arrest.

RTL with AFP