The FNR (Luxembourg National Research Fund) has launched a new app to depict research topics through augmented reality in a bid to make their work more accessible to the public.

The free app - which incidentally was fully developed in Luxembourg - uses smartphone cameras to present Luxembourg-based research topics in augmented reality. Whether you want to try collecting rock samples from the moon, generate solar energy, or enter battle with cancer cells, you can do it all from the comfort of your sitting room (or wherever you happen to be, so long as your phone is with you).  As an added bonus, you'll be learning along the way.

The new app from FNR makes this all possible through the use of AR, or augmented reality (think Pokemon Go), and is part of the FNRs push to help foster an interest in science in the Grand Duchy.

For more details, visit, or check the App Story and Google Play.

Press release  

What is letzSCIENCE?  

letzSCIENCE is a free app created by FNR in 2021 to show research topics in augmented reality (AR) experiences. Each AR experience focuses on a different science topic and is connected to FNR-funded research. All experiences are created to be understandable for everyone. 

What is augmented reality? 

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content. It works almost like a filter: It uses the camera in your phone and adds a visual layer.  


We have refreshed the look and feel of the app and added 5 experiences – 3 of them are re-launches of the topics featured in the 2020 pilot (stomata, liquid crystals, neurons), and 2 of them are completely new (plasma, diatoms). We now have enough experiences to divide them into the categories Health, Tech, and Nature. We plan to add one new experience on a regular basis going forward.

We have also launched a new website that now presents further information on the current eight experiences that exist in the app (more planned). The primary purpose of the website is to present FNR-funded research examples on each topic. Inside the app’s experiences, there is always a link to the dedicated page where the user can read more about the research behind the topic. In the same way, anyone visiting the website is encouraged to discover the app.


As always, the AR experiences were created in close collaboration with the Luxembourg Startup Virtual Rangers. The app is 100% made in Luxembourg. The graphic design of letzSCIENCE was created by Studio Polenta. The FNR created all the contents.