An Australian woman who lost her home in New South Wales bushfires has brought the remains of the house and dumped them in front of Parliament House in Canberra, making a strong statement to politicians.

Melinda Plesman brought the charred remains of her home to Canberra to hold politicians to account on their lack of action in curbing climate change. One of the corrugated iron sheets was sprayed with the words 'Scott Morrison, your climate crisis destroyed my home'.

Plesman and her partner lost their home of 35 years in the bushfires that ravaged Nymboida, near Grafton, NSW in December. She explained she wanted to show the prime minister, Scott Morrison, the direct result of climate change. Morrison has been slammed in the press for his lack of action after unprecedented bushfires have torn through eastern Australia.

The last straw for Plesman was Morrison's soundbite that he would pray for the victims of the fire, but she also took aim at the opposition Labor party, who have failed to discuss the link between climate change and bushfires.

She joined a Greenpeace protest, making it all the more impactful by dragging the remains of her home along to the protest. Her appeal to politicians is to come together for a bipartisan approach to curbing the devastating effects of climate change.