French workers on Thursday scooped balls of tar off the beach in Saint-Tropez after oil that leaked from two ships which collided washed ashore in the Riviera resort.

Authorities in Saint-Tropez said this week that 16 kilometres (10 miles) of coastline had been affected by the spill.

One of them is the Pampelonne beach where screen siren Brigitte Bardot posed in the 1956 classic "And God Created Woman".

Workers clean up oily residues on Pampelonne beach in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez which leaked during a collision between two ships off Corsica on October 7 / © AFP

The oil is believed to have leaked from one of the ships involved in an accident off the French island of Corsica on October 7.

Some 600 tonnes of bunker fuel leaked from the Cyprus-registered "Virginia" after it was rammed by a Tunisian freighter.

Officials said most of the spill had been cleaned up, but that some of the residues had become trapped in seagrass that washed up ashore in Saint-Tropez.

All the beaches in the Saint-Tropez area that were affected by the oil spill have been closed until the cleanup is finished / © AFP

The beaches have been closed until the clean-up is complete.