Having disappeared for almost two weeks, an eagle from Amnéville zoo was found in Belgium, near Luxembourg.

His name is Balkan, and for the past two weeks no one had seen him at the zoo. This bald-headed North American eagle was found earlier this week in Lutremange, Belgium, less than a kilometre away from the Luxembourg border, reports Belgian newspaper L'Avenir.

A local farmer managed to capture the bird of prey, who was in the process of devouring his neighbour’s chicken. After his feast, Balkan found himself prisoner of a fishing net before being locked up in a rabbit cage by the farmer.

The man soon posted his story onto Facebook, and less than twelve hours later, on Wednesday, Amnéville zoo provided an explanation. It turns out that the eagle, after being chased by crows, escaped during a show, according to the zoo's falconry manager. Disoriented, the bird of prey had flown about 100 kilometres away. He was picked up by a zoo trainer on Wednesday afternoon.

Balkan is a repeat offender. A little over a year ago, he took off for two days before being found about forty kilometres from Amnéville, to the south of Metz.