On Sunday evening, a theft was reported to the police and a suspicious person in possession of drugs was apprehended at the Luxembourg City train station.

In Rue de Prague in the City, two unidentified perpetrators attempted to violently steal a person's wallet and mobile phone. The victim resisted the attack and was taken to hospital for medical attention. The perpetrators managed to flee the scene, and an investigation has been launched.

Around 8pm around the Gare District, the police noticed a suspicious group at the intersection of Rue Jean Oringer and Avenue de la Gare. One of the individuals separated from the group and made suspicious mouth movements, as if swallowing something.

Despite being instructed to stay put, the man continued moving towards Rue de Strasbourg. Law enforcement successfully apprehended the individual and discovered various foreign objects in his possession. As per the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office, the suspect was subsequently detained.