On Saturday, multiple cases of fraud were reported to the police.

In Strassen on Rue Feyder, a victim fell prey to a fraudulent scheme when contacted by an individual posing as a bank employee over the phone. The imposter claimed that there was a problem with the victim's bank cards, asserting that a colleague would be dispatched to collect them. Indeed, a man subsequently arrived to pick up the victim's cards under the false pretense to exploit them for unauthorised transactions at a later time.

While the police were unable to apprehend the perpetrators, they have initiated investigations to track them down.

The police emphasise that legitimate institutions, organisations, and companies would never request individuals to disclose their personal information over the phone. Additionally, individuals are never asked to hand over sensitive items to strangers. 

On Saturday afternoon, another case of fraud unfolded on Rue des Alouettes in Cents. Under the guise of representing a charity, the perpetrator gained access to the victim's home. The thief swiftly took the victim's wallet and hastily made an escape.

1 person arrested, 1 escape

On Saturday morning, a theft occurred on Rue Bender at the Luxembourg City train station. Approaching the victim with the pretense of needing a lighter, the culprit managed to steal thrê victim's mobile phone from their jacket. 
The victim noticed what was happening and immediately called the police, who managed to arrest the perpetrator. As the police indicated, it appears that the culprit was probably not acting alone. Another individual managed to escape the scene shortly before the arrest, potentially carrying the stolen mobile phone with them.