The authorities reported several clashes on Friday night, most of which were simple verbal arguments that had resolved by the time the police arrived.

Nonetheless, a fight was reported on rue Fort Neipperg in Luxembourg City on Friday night, in which one person suffered a knife wound to the finger. The victim was found at the scene by a police patrol, and after receiving first aid at the scene, the man was taken to hospital. An investigation has been launched.

Earlier that same evening, a verbal altercation between several people was reported on rue de Bonnevoie in Luxembourg City. The police came across a drunken man standing in the middle of the road, making wild gestures and shouting and swearing at passers-by. Given he represented a danger to himself and others and was causing a public nuisance, it was decided to place him in a drunk tank for the night.

In addition to these brawls, a robbery was reported on Friday afternoon on a footpath in Beaufort. According to the police report, two individuals snatched a man's mobile phone out of his hand, fortunately leaving him without injuries. Here too, an investigation was launched.