The CSV's plan seems to be taking shape with the transition from opposition to government and the subsequent renewal of the party leadership.

After Claude Wiseler turned down the presidency, CSV Co-president Elisabeth Margue also declared that she wouldn't stand for a second time after having served for two years.

According to RTL sources, the presidency could be taken over by strong hands, in particular by Prime Minister Luc Frieden and Finance Minister Gilles Roth, both of whom are said to be interested in the post.

Possible competitors for the co-presidency could be General Secretary Stéphanie Weydert or Diane Adehm.

The posts of General Secretary will also be put to the vote at the spring congress, as it is almost certain Christophe Hansen won't be a candidate given that he is destined to become European Commissioner.

Instead, younger members of the party such as Alex Donnersbach or the young MP Françoise Kemp could be interested in the post. Other potential candidates are also likely to be added to the list, leading up to the CSV Congress in Hesperange in March.