Tis the season...for intoxicated motorists falling afoul of police.

Early on Sunday morning, a police patrol in Esch-sur-Alzette noticed a car weaving across Rue du Brill at around 6.40am. When they stopped the vehicle, the driver was barely able to stay on his feet during the inspection, and consequently had his licence confiscated as a result of his high levels of intoxication.

At 10.20am a car overturned on the A13. The driver, who sustained mild injuries in the crash, turned out to have been intoxicated and therefore was issued with a provisional driving ban.

Shortly after 10pm, a motorist lost control of his vehicle in Esch-sur-Alzette, veering off the road and into the front garden of a nearby house, where he crashed into a parked car and a wall. He was taken to hospital for a medical check-up and had his licence confiscated following a positive breathalyser test.