As you step out tomorrow, be prepared for some precipitation in the morning, with occasional strong showers towards late morning.

Moving into Saturday, the weather is anticipated to be mostly cloudy to overcast. During the late morning, brace yourself for another round of robust rain pushing in from the west. However, as the evening unfolds, the rain is expected to subside, giving way to clearing skies. The day will also bring some gusty winds, creating a milder atmosphere.

Starting off the day, morning temperatures will hover between 3 to 6 degrees, gradually warming up in the afternoon to a range of 4 to 7 degrees. As the evening progresses, expect a slight increase in temperatures, reaching 7 to 9 degrees.

So, grab your umbrella for the morning, but by the evening, you might find yourself enjoying a brisk and clearer atmosphere. Stay weather-ready, and have a great day!

Traffic check

Police have announced the following checks for today:

Safe travels!

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