As the deadline approaches for obtaining additional subsidies under the expiring top-up climate bonus, the Ecological Movement (Mouveco) is urging authorities not to backtrack on climate protection efforts.

Homeowners seeking financial support for upgrading to a heat pump or enhancing energy efficiency through renovations should submit their applications by 31 December. After this date, the top-up aid, providing 20% more support for heat pumps and 25% for renovations, will temporarily expire. Mouveco acknowledges the government's ongoing review of these subsidies but expresses concern that the aid has not been extended in the meantime.

Christophe Muroccu, responsible for climate and energy at Mouveco, stresses the need to avoid regressing in climate initiatives. He points out that discontinuing aid, especially for energy-efficient renovations or heating system replacements, could deter financially vulnerable households from embracing climate-friendly alternatives. Mouveco calls on the new government to establish a transparent framework for reviewing and adapting these subsidies, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of concrete information available.

As of 1 January 2024, the old subsidies will be reinstated, offering up to 50% for photovoltaic systems and 30% for climate-friendly heating. Subsidies for energy-efficient renovations, calculated per square metre based on insulation methods, will revert to standard rates. Until 31 December, these subsidies also remain 25% higher.

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