Claude Meisch, retaining the Education portfolio while also taking on the Housing portfolio in the new government, has faced criticism over the decision to entrust one minister with two significant responsibilities.

Since the announcement of this dual role, questions have arisen about the rationale behind assigning such challenging and crucial roles to a single individual.

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Following the Government Council meeting on Monday, Meisch shared insights into his approach to handling the dual responsibilities. He explained, "In recent days and in the days to come, my focus was and will be on organising myself and coordinating teams within the ministries. This way we can ensure that we are well prepared to meet these two challenges and many others. On the one hand, I'm pleased to continue pursuing what has always motivated me in the field of education — creating good educational opportunities for every child. On the other hand, I'm also eager to address an issue familiar to me from my time as mayor: ensuring that everyone in Luxembourg can live in decent conditions. Both are important, and both will have my full commitment."