On Friday, the new governement has been formally introduced, causing some changes in municipal role distribution. In Grevenmacher and Schieren, mayor's positions are vacant.

Four of the newly-appointed ministers used to be mayors. So, they now need to be replaced on the local level.

For 12 years, Léon Gloden was the mayor in Grevenmacher. Now he has been appointed Minister for Home Affairs. From 1 December onward fellow CSV party member Monique Hermes will replace him, thus becoming the first female mayor in Grevenmacher’s history.

But the 73-year-old retired primary school teacher is proud to serve the city but she also states that she will only be able to finish the term  if she stays healthy all throughout it. "You do not fool around with your health. Right now, I feel very well but I’ll only feel good as long as I stay healthy", she says.

Replacing her in her role as alderman will be Liane Felten. Marc Ury will join the municipal council, too.

Up North, there will also be changes on the municipal council. The mayor of Schieren, Eric Thill, has been appointed Minister for Culture and will be partly responsible for the ministry of tourism as well. During the municipal elections in June, first alderman Jean-Paul Zeimet had received the second-most votes; he wants to replace Eric Thill as mayor of Schieren. According to Zeimet, Kevin Duarte should replace him as alderman. However, whether new elections will need to be held, is still to unclear.

Zeimet is neither for nor against new elections, he states. "If the current team says that they can work with a mere nine people on the council, I am the last one to have an issue with it."

Should the council decide to organise new elections, they could take place next year on 9 June, on the same day as the elections for the European parliament -- to save some municipal budget.

On the topic of merging the municipality of Schieren with the proposed Nordtstad project, Zeimet is not against it, but concrete projects need to be presented beforehand.