Individuals who come across competition law violations within their employing companies now have the option to submit anonymous reports via MyGuichet.

The national Competition Authority has established a secure platform expressly designed for this purpose, without the need to log into MyGuichet.

This initiative aligns with the provisions of the Law of 16 May 2023, which safeguards whistleblowers reporting legal breaches they have encountered in their professional capacity from any form of retaliation.

Whistleblowers are provided with the choice of either making an internal report through their company's established channels or reaching out externally to one of the 22 competent authorities in Luxembourg.

The new whistleblowing platform by the Competition Authority is tailored to gather anonymous reports exclusively related to infringements falling within the Authority's remit.

Comprehensive information about the reporting process, the individuals concerned, reportable facts, and the protective measures afforded to whistleblowers can be accessed on the Competition Authority's official website and