Advocates from the ADR's women's section rallied on Sunday, challenging the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 choices and emphasising concerns over the proposed WHO pandemic treaty.

On World Patient Safety Day, the ADR Women group convened outside of the Health Ministry to protest against decisions taken during the Covid-19 pandemic. "For vaccination freedom" was written on some of the demonstrators' signs while others called for sovereignty vis-à-vis the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Sylvie Mischel, president of ADR Women, used the opportunity to address the pandemic treaty that the WHO wants to sign in 2024: "Here we have two demands, for one that it has to be ratified by all countries, meaning that everywhere parliament has to be included so that everything can be taken into consideration and be discussed. And for another that the financial background of the WHO has to be exclusively assigned to the 194 member countries so that private funds are taken out of the equation."

MP Fernand Kartheiser was also present at the protest event and expressed fears that a vaccine mandate might be introduced after the upcoming election: "Our demands are of course that people's fundamental rights are being respected, that what was done during Covid times be revised by a neutral and credible commission, and that people's vaccination freedom is being respected, meaning that we can also rely on there not being a vaccine law or vaccine mandate in the future."

Autumn and the potential for new coronavirus variants are no reason for drastic measures, stressed Kartheiser. While adequate responses are still required, he noted, they have to respect fundamental rights and individual freedoms of people.