At their general assembly on Monday, the Professional Syndicate of the Luxembourg Army (SPAL) highlighted pressing issues in the armed forces and expressed a desire for a change in leadership ahead of the upcoming national election.

"We are ready for change", was the central message of the meeting.

One of the things the SPAL considers an issue is the rating system included in the army law approved in July. Both the syndicate and its governing body, the General Confederation of the Civil Service (CGFP), believe that the system violates the salary agreement.

SPAL president Christian Schleck commented: "To now say that there will not be an impact on career nor salary ... is categorically wrong and definitely does not correspond to the truth." Schleck further criticised that the status of soldiers has not been modernised, which means that it is not adjusted to the current law, nor to the respective EU directives.

SPAL vice president Tom Braquet took issue with what he portrayed as decisions taken for appearances' sake, comparing lauded recruitment figures with those for people leaving the service again. The syndicate representatives thus eagerly await the upcoming national election, hoping that a change in administration might bring about positive change for the Luxembourg Army.