As the pre-election period gains momentum, the General Confederation of the Civil Service (CGFP) took the initiative to gauge the positions of political parties on pressing voter concerns.

In early June, the CGFP distributed a comprehensive questionnaire consisting of around 50 questions to various parties, seeking insights into nine key areas, including public services, housing, tax policy, and environmental initiatives.

All parties approached by the CGFP responded to the questionnaire. The trade union analysed and subsequently published the results.

Notably, all parties surveyed commit to tax reforms if elected, but differ in specifics.

While some (Democratic Party – DP, Fokus, Pirate Party) express support for individualised taxation, others (Alternative Democratic Reform Party – adr) firmly reject it.

The Green Party (déi Gréng) also backs individualisation, while the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) merely states that it is open to discuss abolishing tax brackets, placing the emphasis instead on targeted tax relief for single parents and widowers.

Meanwhile, the Left Party (déi Lénk) proposes a single tax bracket based on taxpayers' capacity to contribute. Under this proposal, a coefficient would be applied to reduce the burden for those supporting dependents without income.

The CGFP noted that the purpose of this election survey is not to endorse any specific party but rather to provide voters with a valuable tool for comparing the diverse party programmes.

The trade union sent the party responses to its 34,000 members via mail while also making them available online (only in German).