The brainchild of American architect Mike Reynolds, the futuristic-looking "Earthships" are incredibly environmentally friendly and capable of supplying their own power.

With around 2,000 worldwide, Earthships are not connected to power grids, instead powering themselves self-sufficiently, and are built using natural materials.

Luxembourg's very first Earthship was constructed at the Atert secondary school in Redange, after the project was greenlit back in 2019. The idea of the building had first been floated in the Grand Duchy in 2014, although the project was placed on hold awaiting a budget and the required land.

Now, students at the school are able to visit the Earthship on a regular basis, and even participate in workshops there. Pupils have landscaped a large portion of the outdoor area around the building, including the garden and boundary fencing.

The idea for such an environmentally friendly house was largely championed by the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, known as CELL. Together with 40 volunteers, CELL engaged in the construction of the building, taking advice from experts on Earthships who visited the Grand Duchy to help with the project.

Young people in particular made efforts to collaborate with the project, playing a vital role in the Earthship's construction. The project seeks to enlighten people on the circular economy and has a particular focus on cooperating with young people. As a result, the “One for the Planet” prize was awarded to the project some weeks ago by the National Youth Service in Luxembourg.