Several alcohol checks took place across Luxembourg on the orders of the public prosecutor's office on Friday night.

In Biwer, along the N14, a total of 61 drivers were pulled over between 23.45pm on Friday and 00.45am on Saturday. Out of these, three drivers tested positive for alcohol, but their driving licences were not confiscated.

A major alcohol check was conducted on Rue Principale in Flaxweiler from 10pm to 11pm. During this period, 43 drivers were subjected to breathalyser tests. Among them, three drivers tested positive for alcohol. However, their blood alcohol levels were not significantly high enough to warrant immediate licence confiscation.

In the northern part of Luxembourg, the police conducted checks starting from 8pm in various locations, including Rue Michel Thilges, Pommerloch, and Heiderscheid in Wiltz. A total of 327 drivers were required to halt and undergo breathalyser tests. Ten drivers tested positive for alcohol, and two had their licences confiscated on the spot.

In Luxembourg City, alcohol checks took place on Boulevard Kockelscheuer and Rue de Beggen. 154 drivers were asked to take alcohol tests, resulting in seven positive cases. However, none of these drivers had their licences confiscated.

Two more driving licences revoked

Late at night, an inebriated driver attempted to evade a police checkpoint on the N7 in Angeldorf. After speeding past the officers and ignoring their instructions to stop, the driver was apprehended after a brief pursuit.

In Ettelbruck, police attention was drawn to a driver after he failed to park his vehicle correctly. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the driver was inebriated.