For the second time in just one hour on Friday, another incident occurred at the entrance to the A3 in Livange, causing significant disruption. A lorry obstructed access to the A3 towards Luxembourg City, resulting in lane closures and traffic congestion.

The cause of this obstruction is attributed to a "technical problem," leading to severe consequences for commuters.

The incident impeded one lane of traffic on the N31 in the Livange-Bettembourg direction from 3pm. In addition, it prevented motorists from accessing the A3 towards Luxembourg City.

The incident unfolded in close proximity to the motorway bridge at the Livange exit of the A3, near the Ibis hotel, shortly before 3pm.

Earlier, around 1.30pm, another incident involving two cars had occurred in the same vicinity beneath the motorway bridge. As a result, the road was partially blocked, and the Livange exit towards Luxembourg City was closed to traffic.