The contentious dispute between an architectural firm and the local municipality has entered a new chapter.

In a post on its Facebook page, François Valentiny's firm announced that it has filed a complaint against the members of the Schengen municipal executive board (Schäfferot) and an official of the municipality's technical services. This legal action takes the form of a citation directe (comparable to "private prosecution" in common law).

The origin of this conflict can be traced back to early May when the mayor of Schengen proposed a vote within the municipal council to terminate two contracts with the Valentiny architecture firm. Valentiny considered the mayor's remarks at the time and also later in an interview with our colleagues from as damaging to his reputation and has now decided to pursue legal recourse.

At the heart of the matter lie the contracts associated with a special development plan (PAP) concerning the construction of a new school campus. According to the municipality, the visions of the municipality and the architecture firm were too divergent to reconcile.