The latest annual report unveiled positive developments for the country's youth hostel sector.

The report highlights a significant upswing of 81% in overnight stays when compared to the previous year, totalling approximately 150,000 nights in 2022.

The surge in numbers indicates a notable recovery for the industry, nearing the pre-pandemic levels that were disrupted by the global health crisis. Pre-Covid, around 160,500 nights were spent at all of the country's youth hostels combined.

Most visitors came from Luxembourg, followed by Belgium and Germany. 42% of all visitors spent a night at the Luxembourg City youth hostel, 16% in Esch-sur-Alzette.

The report also highlighted the extensive renovation of the Larochette youth hostel completed in 2022.

Other projects currently underway include renovating the cloister of the Vianden youth hostel, constructing a new youth hostel in Ettelbruck, renovating the site in Hollenfels, transforming parts of the City hostel, and constructing tiny houses on the site of the Beaufort youth hostel.