In 2015, Sarah chose to leave her high-stress career and embarked on a journey to become a yoga teacher. A transformative experience that completely reshaped her life.

As part of the "An Apple A Day" health series, Sarah Cattani from Sarah&John Yoga was a guest on the Home Stretch on Today Radio.

In 2015, Sarah travelled to India for a year and became a certified yoga teacher. After coming back to Luxembourg, she started leading free outdoor yoga sessions in the city centre with her husband. "You just want to share what you learned", she says.

Listen to the full interview to find out what yoga means to Sarah and why training to become a yoga teacher was so inspiring for her.

Sarah&John Yoga

Every week, Sarah and John lead outdoor yoga sessions in the city centre. You can join them on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Sunset Yoga in Kirchberg, next to Kyosk, or from 10.30 am to 11.45 am for Sunday Morning Yoga, at Kinnekswiss.


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No registration is needed for these yoga sessions - simply bring your own mat to ensure your comfort during the class. While these classes are offered free of charge, any donations are gratefully accepted.

Their mission is to share yoga with a broad audience, striving to make it accessible to all, given the profound influence it has had on their lives. With this in mind, their outdoor sessions are designed to accommodate everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners, offering exercises that cater to various levels of experience.

For more experienced folk, the couple also offer yoga classes on Stand-up Paddles in Lultzhausen. The sign-up fee here is 45€.

To stay up to date on their yoga sessions you can follow their facebook.


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