Maksymilian Woroszylo, the president of ADRenalin, argues that "people have to be able to defend themselves," in light of rising crime rates.

On Friday morning, the views of the youth section of the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (adr) took centre stage during an interview on RTL Radio.

Maksymilian Woroszylo, President of the youth party called ADRenalin, emphasised the pressing need for the police to refocus on their core responsibilities, as crime in the country continues to escalate. He speculated that by now, "Luxembourg probably ranks as the most insecure nation in the European Union."

Woroszylo outlined key points put forth by ADRenalin to reverse this trend. Central to their approach is the belief that citizens must assume more responsibility, accompanied by an expansion of their authority. In practical terms, ADRenalin proposes legalising the use of defensive tools such as pepper spray but also firearms for personal protection*.

"You have to be able to defend yourself," Woroszylo said.

Another aspect emphasised by the adr junior politicians is the "controlled management" of migration. "Only honest people should be allowed to enter," Woroszylo argued. To this end, the ADRenalin president could even imagine allowing the monitoring of people's privacy "in a certain sense."

*Following the publication of this translated article Woroszylo has clarified that he did not refer to the general use of firearms for personal protection, but specifically adopting what he refers to as the Swiss model which would allow for the use of firearms "in case of violent intrusion."