Saturday, 22 April marks the closing day of Télévie 2023. But what is this reoccurring event in Luxembourg all about?

What is Télévie?

Télévie is an annual charity event to raise funds for cancer research. Research especially focuses on the fight against leukemia in children. The event runs for several weeks, with the big closing day on 22 April 2023 when the total sum of donations and raised funds raised is announced.

Numerous companies, organisations and associations and individuals get involved and either donate or host their own fundraiser events. For example, there are sports events, tombolas and concerts for the cause.

When was Télévie launched and how much was raised?

The charity event was first launched in Belgium in1989 by the National Science Research Fund. Luxembourg joined the programme in 2002 in partnership with the Kiwanis Foundation Luxembourg and RTL. Between 2002 and 2022, over €27 million has been invested into cancer research in the Grand Duchy.

In 2022, a record-breaking €2,060,211 was raised. You can donate here.

How many people in Luxembourg are affected by cancer?

Over 3,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. 1 in 4 patients dies from the disease. Even though there have been massive developments in cancer research, families are still losing loved ones every day because many mechanisms of the disease have yet to be sufficiently researched, or new forms of treatment are not advanced enough to save all lives.

More information

All information concerning Télévie is available on, including  the detailed programme of events, livestream feeds from the pledge centres, as well as photos. The website also has a live countdown to the final day of Télévie.

Unfortunately, some fraudulent people make use of the fundraiser period by scamming people into donating. It is good to note that no organisation, apart from Kiwanis on certain days, takes cash donations.