360 professional firefighters and 1,550 volunteers are currently active in the ambulance service of the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (CGDIS).

17 of Luxembourg's Fire and Rescue Centres (CIS) carry out more than three rescue operations per day. The most active CIS is unsurprisingly the one in the capital with an average of 60 interventions per day.

In Esch-sur-Alzette, the ambulances make about 24 trips per day. At the CIS of Nordstad and Sanem/Differdange, they make an average of 17 interventions per day.

Ambulances are less in demand in the north and east of Luxembourg, with an average of four to five interventions per day in Wiltz, Larochette, Junglinster, and Clervaux.

The fire and rescue centres currently employ around 360 professional firefighters and 1,550 trained volunteer firefighters.

The CIS with the largest number of volunteer firefighters is Nordstad with about 160 people, ahead of Echternach (119), and Dudelange (113).

Green Party MPs Marc Hansen and Jessie Thill had expressed concern in a parliamentary question that the ambulance service was understaffed in some centres, for example in Pétange and Differdange.

In her answer, Minister for Home Affairs Taina Bofferding did not specify whether the number of volunteers in the various CIS is currently sufficient to deal with all emergency interventions.

In total, the Grand Duchy has 97 intervention and rescue centres, where 3,346 active volunteer firefighters provide their services. They are supported by 552 professional firefighters.