The Intermunicipal Syndicate for IT Management (SIGI) opposes integration into the Government IT Centre (CTIE).

On Wednesday, SIGI Vice President Josiane Di Bartolomeo-Ries and the secretary general of the syndicate responded to a letter from Minister Delegate for Digitalisation Marc Hansen.

An integration of this sort would not be in the interest of municipalities because the needs of SIGI and CTIE clients could not be compared. However, the syndicate is is "open to increased cooperation in the area of digitalisation," according to the SIGI officials.

They pointed out that the syndicate conducted independent analyses on human resource management, financial management, as well as customer satisfaction, and is looking into implementing the necessary improvements.

The management of SIGI also claims to have the backing of the personnel delegations. However, upon enquiry by our colleagues from, the personnel delegations refuted this claim.