The number of police interventions for domestic violence increased slightly last year. Police officers had to intervene 978 times in 2022.

This latest increase comes after the numbers saw a spike during the pandemic rising from 849 in 2019 to 943 in 2020, and dropping again in 2021 to 917 interventions. "That's why there can be no question of taking a break now and why our work must continue," according to Minister for Home Affairs Taina Bofferding.

During a roundtable discussion on the subject on Wednesday morning, criminologist Bettina Riederer stressed that domestic violence is not an isolated incident and that abusers frequently reoffend. It is estimated that 50% of them have psychological disorders, which raises the likelihood of reoffending. On Thursday, the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men will host a second roundtable discussion on how to best deal with this risk.

The debate will also cover ways to better protect victims. Representatives from the police, the judiciary, victims' organisations, and scientists will take part in the discussions.