On Tuesday afternoon in Luxembourg City/Merl, a gang of four youths attempted to mug a bus passenger. The victim had to be taken to the ER, and three of the perpetrators were arrested.

A violent robbery attempt occurred on a bus at the Route de Longwy stop in Luxembourg City/Merl at around 4.20pm on Tuesday afternoon.

When the police arrived on the site, they found one person injured in the bus. She had to be taken to the ER for treatment.

The four suspects fled, and several police units were on the lookout for them on the Boulevard Prince Henri in the city centre. Officers apprehended three of the young men, including two minors, and took them to the police station.

An investigation was opened against the fourth suspect, who is still at large.

The two minors were transferred to the Security Unit ('UniSec') in Dreiborn, while the adult suspect was arrested and brought before an examining magistrate on Wednesday morning.