The Pirate Party demands, among other things, live-streaming and recording of all municipal council sessions as well as more transparency in municipal syndicates.

In addition, the opposition party calls for standardised rules on contracts signed by municipalities. During a press conference on Tuesday, party representatives stated that the recent scandals in Hesperange and Redange show that this is necessary.

"I don't want to use the word corruption, but we simply want to prevent it from getting to that point," MP Marc Goergen said. The party's policy advisor and candidate in the upcoming municipal elections Tommy Klein spoke of "abuses that are not in the citizens' interest."

The Pirate Party's municipal councillor in Redange, Raymond Remakel, shared details about the recent case in his commune. According to Remakel, the municipality wanted to purchase a plot of land to expand the local school and asked the owners of the land to hire an expert to estimate a sales price.

Tom Faber, a member of the municipal executive board (Schäfferot), allegedly advised the owners to wait until after the local elections because he believed that the land was worth more. Faber is said to have admitted to this fact in a municipal council session, which he is now reportedly denying.

The Pirate Party demands a public apology from the municipal executive board member. When asked why the party does not report the case to the public prosecutor's office, the party representatives replied that the latter could get involved by its own volition. Remakel added that if the session had been recorded, the case could have been easily resolved.

As for the embezzlement scandal in Hesperange, Pirate Party local candidate Mathis Godefroid highlighted a few points, including the fact that municipalities can sign contracts up to an amount of €60,000 without any oversight from the municipal council.

In this context, the Pirate Party demands greater financial control. Godefroid also mentioned the archives of the municipal syndicates Hesperange and Howald, which are said to have disappeared during the embezzlement trial against the two former municipal officials. In addition to calling on the members of these syndicates to resign, Godefroid reiterated his demand for increased financial control, adding that it should not just apply to municipalities but also municipal syndicates, "since they also use public funds."