In the case of the disappearance of little Bianka Bisdorff, the mother did not appeal against the verdict, which therefore becomes enforceable. She has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The court handed down its verdict on 8 February 2023, sentencing the child's mother to 30 years in prison. The sentence was twice as high as that requested by the prosecution. The time spent in pre-trial detention will be taken into account.

The trial took place at the end of last year. The mother was prosecuted for murder, manslaughter, and child neglect. In the end, only the negligence charge was upheld, and the murder and manslaughter charges were dismissed. However, as Bianka's mother, the defendant had custody of her. If a child dies while in the care of their custodian as a result of negligence, the custodian faces life imprisonment, even if the death was unintentional. In this case, the court decided against a life sentence because of the length of the investigation.