The proposed Google data centre in Bissen, Luxembourg, has been a source of controversy and uncertainty for several years. However, now that prime minister Xavier Bettel has confirmed that Google will not be prioritising the project, it raises the question of whether a new development will take its place.

One possibility is the renovation of the N7 in Roost, a 2-kilometer stretch of road that is in dire need of upgrades to increase safety. The preliminary draft bill for this project was approved by Minister for Mobility François Bausch in November 2019. However, progress has been hindered due to the uncertainty surrounding the placement of the supply lines for the proposed data centre.

But in recent years, the Google Data Centre project has stalled. Following Bettel's recent trip to the US, it appears that the project is no longer a top priority for the American tech giant. Does this mean that the renovation works can finally proceed?

In November 2022, Bausch stated that the roundabout at the intersection of the N7 and the CR115 could not be built due to this uncertainty. However, given that the data centre project is now unlikely to proceed, local authorities have requested a meeting with Bausch to discuss the way forward. Mayor David Viaggi is keen to provide a roadmap for the coming weeks and months to ensure that those working in Roost and the inhabitants of Bissen are kept informed.

The opposition Christian Social People's Party (CSV) has called for a provisional solution to be implemented. While Bausch's staff are currently evaluating this proposition, Viaggi believes that it is too late for such a solution and that the project should proceed without further delay.

However, CSV politician Christian Hoscheid has raised concerns about the project's readiness, pointing out that the necessary terrain has not been purchased, and the call for tenders has not yet been issued.

Despite these concerns, Hoscheid agrees that a roundabout is the best provisional solution for the dangerous intersection of the N7 and CR115. He emphasises that this solution must be implemented as quickly as possible, given that essential transportation will be affected by roadworks near the Creos headquarters in a few weeks.

It is uncertain whether a new project will replace the stalled Google data centre in Bissen. However, the renovation of the N7 in Roost appears to be a viable option, and local authorities are eager to move forward with this project.

While there are concerns about the project's readiness, there is a consensus that a provisional solution, ideally in the form of a roundabout, is necessary to increase safety at the dangerous intersection.