The police report that a person was slightly injured in a tumultuous incident on Boulevard Royal on Friday evening.

The victim was first assaulted and injured by three unknown persons for reasons yet to be determined. During the altercation, the victim fell into the street, directly in front of a passing car. The driver allegedly got out of his car and kicked the victim who was lying on the ground before driving away.  In an attempt to prevent the driver from leaving, the victim clung to the car and was dragged for several metres along Boulevard Royal. The police managed to find the driver a short while later and arrested him. The victim was admitted to hospital with minor injuries.

On Friday night, the police also had to deal with two drink drivers. At around 3.30am, a police patrol in Diekirch found a man sleeping behind the wheel of his car with the engine still running. The second incident involved an inebriated driver whose car broke down between Schifflange and Kayl shortly before 6am on Saturday morning.

Other incidents mentioned in the police bulletin include a man who was arrested for behaving violently during a routine check at the central railway station, a man who was mugged by three people in Rives de Clausen, and several drug dealers who were arrested at Schifflange station.