The former general has resigned from the ADR political party in favour of Fokus.

When asked, Daubenfeld explained he felt the need to change parties following the resignation of Roy Reding as municipal councillor for the ADR in Luxembourg City. Daubenfeld himself resigned from the capital's consultative commissions as Reding's successor, Marceline Goergen, also left the ADR.

Daubenfeld said he was inspired to switch to the new Fokus party as the programme promoted by founders Frank Engel (formerly of the CSV) and Marc Ruppert (formerly DP) suited him better.

The former general in the Luxembourg Army said he planned to remain active in municipal politics, but had no plans to run in the parliamentary elections, saying it was difficult to reconcile the two. Last year, he resigned from the ADR's national leadership at their congress in favour of local politics.

In the 2017 municipal elections, Mario Daubenfeld came 4th on the ADR list in the capital. In the 2018 parliamentary elections, he ranked 7th for the ADR in central Luxembourg.