The Association for the Support of Immigrant Workers (ASTI) is gearing up for the municipal elections and demands better integration of foreign residents into the country's political parties.

ASTI suggests tangible steps to achieve this goal, such as urging local politicians to actively include more non-Luxembourgish candidates on their lists.

The association believes that municipalities, based on their capacity, should be required to accept a certain number of refugees in the future, regardless of their asylum status.

Municipalities should also build infrastructure for people who recently moved to Luxembourg for work, according to ASTI. For the association, it is "unacceptable" that some people are forced to rent small rooms or live in deplorable flats.

ASTI advocates for the abolition of communal integration committees. Instead, ASTI argues that foreign residents should be integrated into all other communal committees.

In addition, the association suggests that municipalities become more flexible regarding the reception of school children, especially those from refugee families, by abolishing "special classes" and integrating the children into existing classes where they would be taught alongside Luxembourgish pupils.

ASTI, in its own words, urges politicians to "put an end to this segregation."

ASTI will launch its new website,, in collaboration with the Ministry of Family Affairs in the coming days. In this way, the association intends to raise awareness and mobilise more potential voters.

Registrations for the municipal elections are open until 17 April.