The police conducted several alcohol checks on Friday night.

Five driving licences were withdrawn on Friday night following checks conducted by the police. Several motorists were pulled over for reckless driving in Merl, Rollingergrund, Hellange, Foetz, and Esch-sur-Alzette. Since they all turned out to be inebriated, their driving licences were revoked on the spot.

Two other motorists were pulled over in Bascharage and Echternach respectively, also for reckless driving. In the first case, the driver was intoxicated but since his blood alcohol level was below 1.2‰, he was allowed to keep his driving licence. In the second case, the driver had to take a drug test, which came back positive. He received both a fine and a penalty notice.

On the orders of the public prosecutor's office, the police also conducted a major alcohol check in Born (RN10), Echternach (RN11), and Grundhof (RN10) from Friday 8pm to Saturday 1.30am. Of the 483 motorists who were checked, only 11 tested positive. The police issued seven penalty notices and four fines. One motorist had their driving licence withdrawn.