With the opening of the Gaston Thorn international school in September 2022, every region in Luxembourg now has a public European school.

Nei Europaschoul Gaston Thorn ageweiht.
Europaschoule sollen et Kanner erméiglechen, onofhängeg vun hirer Mammesprooch duerch de Lëtzebuerger Schoulparcours ze kommen.

Friday's inauguration ceremony at the Gaston Thorn international school in Cessange was accompanied by a musical prelude. Director Jessy Medinger explained that music offers a way of connection in a place where many different languages are spoken. Alongside democracy and the digital world, music is one of the three pillars on which the concept of the new school is based.

In September 2022, the school opened with nine secondary school classes across the first and second years, covering English, German and French sections. The primary school in Cessange offers English and French classes so far.

Every class must also take two hours of Luxembourgish per week until secondary school. Luxembourgish is widely spoken amongst the student population. 
Two foreign languages ​​are mandatory, with options for Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The school system is based on that of European schools.

The Gaston Thorn international school is financed by the Ministry of Education and can accommodate all children, regardless of their mother tongue.

"Educational studies have shown that we are still a long way from fair educational opportunities for everyone. That's why we need diversification of our educational offer", says the Minister of Education Claude Meisch. "European schools are not better than traditional Luxembourgish schools, but they are certainly better for a number of students."